About Me

Hello, and welcome. I am a music teacher, counsellor and music psychotherapist living in the Perth hills area of Western Australia.

I'm passionate about music in all forms, including its unique ability to heal and to spark creativity in exciting and transformative ways. Integrating music with my background in psychology and training as a psychotherapist, I have witnessed the power of music to facilitate greater awareness, heal trauma and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression when combined with talk therapy in a safe, nurturing space.

While teaching music privately and in the education system, I studied psychology and became interested in the therapeutic effects of music. I pursued training in this area and my graduate thesis explored the role of musical expertise on human cognition and neurological processing. 

Seeking to integrate my passion for music with my research background in psychology, I experienced the power of music and non-verbal expression to heal, using music therapy with children and adults with disabilities, processing disorders, autism spectrum, mood and personality disorders.

As my journey continues, I maintain a private music student base while continuing my counselling and psychotherapy practice.


West Australian Music Teachers Association (Accredited Member)

Australian Music Therapy Association (Associate Member)

Australian Counselling Association (Registration Number 5091)

Gestalt Training Institute of WA


MacLachlan, S. (2009). Memory for Music and the Implications of Expertise for Music Recall: A Review. European Journal of Music Perception. Presented at the International Conference on Music Perception & Cognition, Thessaloniki, 2012.

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